Implant-Retained Dentures in Chicago

Retention poses a significant challenge for many who use dentures. Denture retention relies almost entirely on the contact and friction between the inside surface of the denture and the gum tissue. As the amount of bone to support a denture decreases, it can become increasingly difficult to retain a denture in place while speaking or eating. This is especially noticeable with a lower denture, as the strong tongue and floor of the mouth can dislodge it during function, and prevent the suction cup effect the palate provides to an upper denture. Adhesives can only do so much, and sometimes do not provide an adequate solution for those with severely resorbed gingival ridges. The remedy for this problem lies in implant-retained dentures. This involves the placement of implants in the bone, which in turn provide firm anchors to retain and support the denture.

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