Tooth Extractions in Chicago

If a tooth suffers from severe decay or advanced periodontal disease, it may become necessary to extract it. Although it is always in your best interest to save your natural teeth, sometimes the damage is beyond repair and extraction is the only option. After thoroughly anesthetizing the area, the tooth is gently and slowly elevated until it is ready to be removed. Occasionally, a drill may facilitate a tooth’s removal, depending on the extent of the decay and the strength of the bone that supports it. Sometimes the placement of sutures helps hasten the healing process. A prescription for pain medication and post-operative instructions will be provided to you after the extraction.

After extraction of a tooth, it is in your best interest to replace it with an implant, a bridge, or a removable denture. Failure to do so will result in shifting of the neighboring teeth, supraeruption of the opposing tooth, bone loss in the area, and an imbalance or alteration of your bite, leading to problems with the jaw. The loss of one tooth without appropriate dental follow-up can set in motion a cascading process that potentially compromises the integrity of your overall dentition and jaw.

If you are considering extracting a tooth that could otherwise be saved with endodontic therapy, please consider the fact that removing a tooth and replacing it in the future will be more expensive than saving it in the first place.

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