Care of Your Mouth After Extraction

  1. ANESTHESIA: The feeling of numbness will begin to wear off between 2 - 6 hours. Please avoid hot foods, liquids, and chewing before that time. This is to prevent accidentally burning or biting your lips, tongue, and cheeks. Should you have any concerns about prolonged numbness, please call us at 312-759-1120.
  2. BLEEDING: It is normal for the extraction site to bleed slightly for 12-24 hours after surgery. Fold the gauze twice into a small pack and bite down, applying pressure for 30 - 45 minutes at a time. Repeat if necessary for up to two hours. DO NOT EAT OR SLEEP WITH THE GAUZE IN YOUR MOUTH.
  3. SWELLING: An ice pack can be applied to the swollen area for 10 minutes, removed for 20 minutes, repeating this on/off cycle for up to 4-5 hours.
  4. MEDICATIONS:Taking Ibuprofen/Motrin is key for your healing to prevent swelling. DO NOT TAKE PRODUCTS CONTAINING ASPIRIN as this may prolong the bleeding. If medications were prescribed, please follow the instructions carefully. Discontinue use if there are any adverse side effects and call the office if you have any questions or concerns.
  5. REFRAIN FROM SMOKING & ALCOHOL: Smoking delays healing and can disrupt the blood clot in your extraction site, leading to painful complications such as dry socket. Smoking should be avoided for one week after extraction. Alcohol should not be consumed for 3 days after an extraction, this will also prolong bleeding.
  6. DIET: A liquid or soft diet should be followed for the first 24 hours. Avoid chewing near the extraction site and DO NOT DRINK FROM A STRAW. Using a straw may displace the clot necessary for healing.
  7. EDGES: It is normal for small, sharp bone fragments to work through the gums during healing. If this occurs and is bothersome, please return to the office for their simple removal.
  8. ORAL HYGIENE: Brush and floss the rest of your mouth as usual, however, DO NOT SWISH for 24-48 hours following surgery. Please slowly move the water around then tilt your head down to let the water drip out. Avoid other forceful actions such as blowing your nose, which may also displace the clot.
    1. Dry Socket: This is sometimes a complication after surgery. The symptoms associated with dry socket are constant moderate to severe pain, bad taste, putrid odor, and poor clot formation. If you have any of these symptoms, call our office immediately.
    2. Fever: Monitor your temperature for 24-48 hours. Any elevated temperature should be reported to our office.
    3. If you experience any severe swelling, prolonged bleeding, severe prolonged pain, high fever, dizziness, allergic type reactions, or anything that concerns you, please call us immediately. In the event that you cannot reach us or we do not return your call within a reasonable amount of time, GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM FOR IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ATTENTION.

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