How can I get whiter teeth…

Teeth that have been stained or darkened by food, tobacco use, age, medications or injury can be lightened and brightened by means of a non-invasive process known as teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening or bleaching simply refers to any process that will make the teeth appear whiter. While there are many over the counter options for teeth whitening, the most effective and safest teeth whitening systems are the professional strength ones available at the dentist’s office. A dental professional whitening system offers a higher concentration of whitening components and delivers them to the teeth in the most efficient manner to achieve optimal results.

At Alta Dental, we offer two exceptional options for teeth whitening. You can choose either an in-office procedure or a professional take home system. Both of these are top-of the-line systems. However, the biggest advantage of the in-office procedure is that in as little as one hour you can achieve a smile that is several shades whiter and brighter than the original color of your teeth.

Our professional strength take home system also produces excellent results. However, this is achieved by way of a more gradual process. Our take home kit may be prescribed alone, or after an in-office treatment to perfect or maintain the in-office result.

So which whitening system is the best for you? Good results can be achieved with any of the systems, but with store-bought whitening, the lower concentration of the active whitening ingredient means optimal results are achieved more slowly. In-office whitening, either with trays or laser whitening, ensures a more precise delivery of the whitening gel to the teeth while keeping the material off the gums, which cuts down on post-operative discomfort and irritation to the gum tissue.

                                                              Store Bought                       In-Office Trays                      Zoom Whitening

Cost Time to achieve optimal results$50-$80 2-4 weeks$99, plus $25/syringe* 1-2 weeks$299 1-2 hours

                                               *4-6 syringes recommended

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